CIBTAC Diploma In Aesthetic Treatment (Incl Waxing) - 197 hrs

Inatke : 1st and 2nd Week of Jun 2010
Days : Tues and Thurs (8.30am to 12.30pm)OR
Sat and Sun (8.30am to 12.30pm)
Exam : Oct 2010
Fees : $2800.00 (exl exam fees and tool kits)

CIBTAC Diploma In Body Massage and Anatomy & Physiology (73 hrs)

Intake : 1st and 2nd Week of Jun 2010
Days : Sat and Sun (1.00pm to 5pm)
Exam : Oct 2010
Fees : $1560.00 (exl exam fees and tool kits)

Please visit our website or call us at Tei: 6221 2017 for more information.

Remembering Childhood Days

We were once kids before we reached this stage of development. We missed the days when we used to play hide and seek in the backyard, eat simple snacks (Kuai Kuai) and read "lao fu zi" comics . Childhood days are the days when life was lived with no complexities.

It is inevitable that we grow up but that does not mean that we lose sight of our childhood memories. There is always a child in all of us! These items was found during my shopping spree in HK, Shenzhen and Bugis Junction....Ha ha...probably its signs of "ageing"


Well...... it was a tough "fight", but we ain't going to lose the battle!

With our student's positive attitude and "never say never" Ninjia spirit, we can overcome all odds. Trust this Professional Qualification will bring your prospective career to greater heights!

Every beautiful encounter has to come to a close. We hope the many months of hardwork and time you have invested in the Diploma course will reaped returns. Regardless of the results, you deserve a round of applause for your determination.

Special thanks to Cincelia who is ever more anxious than the students throughout the 3 days of exams and Penny Chew, the master behind the A&P theory. Of course, not forgetting the models who turned up during the exam.

Hope to see everyone in the graduation ceremony tentative scheduled in Aug 2010.


Introducing Lynn Gregory and her husband Ian. We had a wonderful lunch followed by a short stroll along the harbourfront of Esplanade.

Lynn is a bubbly & fun lady, but very meticulous in everything she does. In her own words, she describe herself as a "perfectionist" and works like a "dragon"!

Overcoming Disability - 蕭煌奇

A very talented blind singer/song writer Xiao Huang Qi's "You Are My Eyes" - 你是我的眼. Its a very meaningful song. I hope it can inspire us to "unclench our fist" and extend our hand to offer a little help to those who need us!

作詞:蕭煌奇 作曲:蕭煌奇 編曲:洪筠惠

謹將這首歌 獻給所有曾被感動過的朋友

如果我能看得見 就能輕易地分辨白天黑夜
如果我能看得見 就能準確地在人群中 牽住你的手
如果我能看得見 就能駕車帶你到處遨遊 就能驚喜的從背後給你一個擁抱
如果我能看得見 生命也許完全不同 可能我想要的我喜歡的我愛的都不一樣

眼前的黑不是黑 你說的白是什麼白
人們說的天空藍 是我記憶中那團白雲背後的藍天
我望向你的臉 卻只能看見一片虛無
是不是上帝在我眼前遮住了簾 忘了掀開

你是我的眼 帶我領略四季的變換
你是我的眼 帶我穿越擁擠的人潮
你是我的眼 帶我閱讀浩瀚的書海
因為你是我的眼 讓我看見世界就在我眼前