The CIBTAC examination season in Apr would be hovering the mind of our Beauty Aesthetic students. Relax...... Practice Abdominal Breathing


Step 1
Lie on your back in a comfortable setting. It's easier to practice abdominal breathing in a quiet environment.

Step 2

Place one hand on your abdomen, below the rib cage, and one on your chest. Placing your hands on the abdomen and chest helps you focus on using your diaphragm while breathing. The diaphragm is dome-shaped and assists with breathing. It moves downward and upward during inhalation and exhalation. Our lungs expand and deliver more oxygen when the diaphragm moves.

Step 3
Breathe slowly through your nose. Hold the air for 7 seconds. Your stomach will rise, raising your hand. The hand on your chest should remain still.

Step 4
Exhale all of the air slowly through your mouth while counting to 8. Let yourself go while exhaling, and imagine your entire body relaxing.

Step 5
Repeat this cycle four more times. This allows your body to relax.

Step 6
Practice abdominal breathing twice a day. If you practice abdominal breathing often, it becomes a normal process, and you'll notice health benefits. Abdominal breathing increases energy and reduces stress and anxiety


Its our group of diligent students and team of dedicated teachers that help us make the mark!

"‘O Sole Mio" - Song for Our Graduation March

"O sole mio" or My Sun is a well known Neapolitan song. Someone ask me why I choose this song for our CIBTAC Graduation March.

No particular reasons....just that I felt it has a triumphant feel mixed with nostalgia. A perfect fitting for a commencement that marks the end of one journey and the start of a "Sunny" tomorrow!