May this Good Luck Care Bear Brings Good Luck and Confidence to All Students sitting for CIBTAC Examinations on 19, 20 and 21 Oct 2009.

On behalf of the Management and Trainers of SingTrain Academy, we would like to thank all students for your dedication and determination in learning which were demonstrated throughout the 5 to 8 months of training.

Not forgetting our very dedicated trainers Cincelia, Penny, Kenny and co-trainers Teresa, Siew Mian and Eleana. Special thanks to our visiting doctor Dr Lim for helping our students revised A&P in a very interesting and humorous manner.

All had strive hard together, learn together, althou we may see some differences and had been through some "agonising" moments at times. However, these little hiccups are quickly addressed and our students had been very accommodating and professional.
I believe all would agree that the entire learning journey was very enriching....... Many become good friends, close buddy and some shows potential to lead the new group of trainees who joined us in the Oct 09 intake.

Good Luck in your exam and Jia You!