Every beautiful encounter has to come to a close. We hope the many months of hardwork and time you have invested in the Diploma course has reaped returns. Regardless of the results, you deserve a round of applause for your determination.

The age group these 33 students varies from 19 years Xiao Wei to 62 years old Yah Ho. Xiao Wei and Soo Feng shuttle between Singapore and Johore twice weekly or more to attend class. Yah Ho, Sharon, Pek Lin and many did not simply give up because of their "disadvantage" (age and language barrier). Frankly, I do feel a sense of "sadness" when each students bid me goodbye after their exam during the last 3 days....

Anyway, we look forward to the Graduation Ceremony (tentatively on 29 Nov or 26 Dec 09). Continue to practice your skills and stay in touch!

Special thanks to all the models who turned up during the exam. Not forgetting our Trainer Cincelia who skipped lunch for the last 3 days just to make sure her students are preapared and ready for each session of exam.

More photos on the way............