CDAC Training Fair - 24 Oct 09

It was a super scotching hot day today. A few of us including 2 of our Hairdressing students Pauline and Rico was at the Training Fair to help.

Turn up wasn't as good compared to other training fair we have attended. Probably this is a sign of economy picking up!


19 Oct 2009 (Monday)

Its Theory for all students and Practical Exam for Group A. Liz lunch was prepared by my mum, her "evergreen dish" Glutinous Rice!!

20 Oct 2009 (Tuesday)Group B

Lunch on the 2nd day was at the very popular Korean Restaurant next door. The meal had caused "disasters" to Liz and Mr Lim's tummy. I was alright maybe because I am "immune" to unhygienic food Ha Ha....!

20 Oct 2009 (Tuesday) Group C

Our genius group with great potential!

21 Oct 2009 (Wednesday) Group D

The most "happening" group with many surprizes before and during exam. Also the group who enjoys themselves most!


Every beautiful encounter has to come to a close. We hope the many months of hardwork and time you have invested in the Diploma course has reaped returns. Regardless of the results, you deserve a round of applause for your determination.

The age group these 33 students varies from 19 years Xiao Wei to 62 years old Yah Ho. Xiao Wei and Soo Feng shuttle between Singapore and Johore twice weekly or more to attend class. Yah Ho, Sharon, Pek Lin and many did not simply give up because of their "disadvantage" (age and language barrier). Frankly, I do feel a sense of "sadness" when each students bid me goodbye after their exam during the last 3 days....

Anyway, we look forward to the Graduation Ceremony (tentatively on 29 Nov or 26 Dec 09). Continue to practice your skills and stay in touch!

Special thanks to all the models who turned up during the exam. Not forgetting our Trainer Cincelia who skipped lunch for the last 3 days just to make sure her students are preapared and ready for each session of exam.

More photos on the way............

梁文福 - 一步一步來 - Step By Step

These "Xin Yao" songs would always lingers in ones mind. Heard these songs during uni time and could still remember them fondly.

Songs by Liang WenFu recorded the changes in modes of feeling and expression brought about by the peer pressure and complexity of life in a post-morden society. I thought it best represent the feelings of our students who are currently working very hard for CIBTAC Exam.


Introducing you Ms Elizabeth Smith, our CIBTAC Examiner. Liz is a bubbly young and energetic lady and FUN too!

We had a good time during dinner and hope she enjoys her Singapore Sling and the scenic night view from Singapore Recreation Club.


May this Good Luck Care Bear Brings Good Luck and Confidence to All Students sitting for CIBTAC Examinations on 19, 20 and 21 Oct 2009.

On behalf of the Management and Trainers of SingTrain Academy, we would like to thank all students for your dedication and determination in learning which were demonstrated throughout the 5 to 8 months of training.

Not forgetting our very dedicated trainers Cincelia, Penny, Kenny and co-trainers Teresa, Siew Mian and Eleana. Special thanks to our visiting doctor Dr Lim for helping our students revised A&P in a very interesting and humorous manner.

All had strive hard together, learn together, althou we may see some differences and had been through some "agonising" moments at times. However, these little hiccups are quickly addressed and our students had been very accommodating and professional.
I believe all would agree that the entire learning journey was very enriching....... Many become good friends, close buddy and some shows potential to lead the new group of trainees who joined us in the Oct 09 intake.

Good Luck in your exam and Jia You!


This is the "crucial" period where our students are preparing very hard for the CIBTAC Exam from 19 Oct to 21 Oct 09.

Try the below exercise which I learnt from a medical specialist who practises aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.

You can do the exercise anytime to de-stress. Just be aware of your breath. Its simple.

Mini De-stress

Step 1. Three sighs
Breathe deeply into your diaphragm. You need to see your stomach(not your chest) expand with the breath.

Step 2. Concentrate on your breath.
As you breathe in say to yourself “Let”
As you breathe out say “Go”
Repeat 10 - 20 times

Try it before your examination.
Wishing You All The Best and Good Luck!


Dun want to invest in a shoe rack, or do not have enough shoe racks to store your collection of shoes, see how the shanghainess keep their shoes!!

Took this picture outside a public toilet at the wet market near the apartment we stayed. Really amazing!


Just returned from Shenyang & Shanghai ....partial official and part personal.

During the last 2 weeks, I realised that living away from your country can be an interesting and unforgettable experience, but at the same time it has very important effects on one's life.

The effect is that once you start a regular life away from home, you miss everything, especially food and your normal lifestyle. We also need to accept another type of society and culture into your daily life.

"Home Bread" & "Home Bak Gua" from Singapore (My 1st Breakfast In Shenyang)


In our Academy, we have a good mix of local and foreign students in our CIBTAC and WSQ courses...Malaysian, Chinese National, Philippines, Indonesia etc...

In such an environment, we should postively view that we are rewarded with great friends who may stimulate our growth and help us broaden our horizon.

Thought Kaiwei who is on a 1-year NUS Overseas Internship Programme in Shanghai Fudan University had adjusted very well.