Jose Cruz from Mexico joined our current team of qualified Thai Massage trainers (accredited by TMC School of Chiagmai) to conduct Diploma In Thai Massage @ SingTrain Academy.

He was geared with full of enthusiam and passion on his first session, and warmly greeted by a group passionate students as well. One of them is our most senior students, Uncle Lock who is already 73 years old.

Kudos to a keen senior learner and his 2 peers Chris and Yee Leong.


It was all FIRST Time for these 2 young ladies...... 1st time meeting each other,
1st time learning together, 1st time learning professional make-up.....1st time ATTEMPTING make-up for each other, taking a picture together the 1st time ....

FIRST (1st) time.... there are always 1st time for everything....

The results.....Both of You Look PRETTY Good!

Garden SPA @ Bt Panjang

Garden SPA @ Bt Panjang Community Club
8 Pending Road (Opposite Pending LRT)

A project mooted by Dr Teo Ho Pin and supported by People's Association and North West Community Development Council.


Its Not just for FUN......It's a Fun and Friendly Way to Learn!

Some candid shots of our dear students!!


Monsoon Hair Academy established in 2007 is one of Addy Lee's dream fulfilled. Having been successful in the hair fashion industry, Addy's wish is to set up an academy to pass on his passion to those with inclination towards hair fashion.

The Academy's Mission - We train you to become Hair, & Fashion Designer, not just another Hairdresser. You can realize your dreams through our Academy

We seen many potential young guys and ladies, enthusiastic and keen middle age as well as parents bringing their teenage child to our joint recruitment exercise with CDAC last Saturday. All came with one objective - to pick up a skills in Hairstyling and Fashion! At the end of the day, salons are places for creative get-together where it’s all about hair, beauty and fashion trends.

Age, Look and Academic Qualification should not be the key obstacles!