MOCK EXAM.......So Real

The MOCK CIBTAC Exam on Sunday was a good "full dressed rehearsal" for our students. They were "assessed" according to CIBTAC requirements.

I am very glad our students and their model had taken the mock exam very seriously.... kudos!, you deserve full marks for deportment and professionalism!!

Good Luck, Everyone!


It was a hot sunny morning with a "burning" heat of 35 degree C @ Hortpark. We were invited by NTUC Family Development Unit to give a talk on "Hand Reflex" and DIY Massage techniques. The participants' spirit were as warm as the weather. Despite the heat, they gather together to learn some basic skills on Hand Reflexology.

I also took the opportunity to tour the Hortpark, my 1st time there. It is a really nice park and worth visiting, if you have not done so!


Yes, adult learning can be Fun and Highly Effective.....

At SingTrain Academy, we adopt these adult learning principles:

(1) Make Learning a Social Activity: Group activities and communities helps alleviate the effectiveness of one's learning experience.

(2) Integrate learning into life: Make connections to a student's work or life outside the training room is critical because it provides a context in which the acquired knowledge can be used.

(3) Enable learning by doing: Practical and On-the-Job Training is the best way for a student to truly gain mastery of a subject or concept.

(4) Make it fun: students who are engaged and involved are obviously more open to the learning experience. Fun is not just for children because a playful non-threatening environment also helps adult learners benefit from the experience.

(5) Build in formative assessment during training. Quantitative assessment becomes more difficult due to our content complexity. Also, practical skills may take time to digest and is not accurately measurable within the temporal course.

Cross Culture Exchange

Wonderful students from Philippines, Indonesia, HongKong and of course Singapore.... Their poses are even more fabulous. Thank you for the fun!

"Leng and our Princess KaBo"

Playful Teresa & Elsie

Michelle and Emma - We are the best of friends

Lets have fun together!!

Yan bringing these great poses back to her SPA in Philippines

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