As Fireworks light up the skyline of Singapore financial district to usher in 2010, SingTrain Academy bid farewell to 2009 with a memorable graduation ceremony for our CIBTAC graduands.

We will continue to strive and excel for a better 2010 with our existing students and look forward to another bash of events this year!

HAPPY 2010 and Have a Blessed Year!


Congratulatory Message to All Graduands

Warmest Congratulations to CIBTAC Graduates of Class 2009!

The Graduation Ceremony on 26 Dec 2009 sees the culmination of your hard work and marks the point where you are ready to make your mark in the Beauty Industry. It is also a time of celebration to welcome and honour the future alumni of SingTrain Academy.

In this symbolic ceremony, graduands are formally presented with their diploma scrolls and awards in the presence of their relatives, friends and trainers. It is a proud day to look back on the memorable times you have spent with us.

We trust the CIBTAC qualification you have received at SingTrain Academy will prepare you well for the future ahead of you and we would like to say that it has truly been a privilege to share this happy occasion with you.

Congratulations once again to all graduands and your families. We wishes all an enriching and successful journey ahead.

CIBTAC Graduation Ceremony - 26 Dec 2009

Time : 1.30pm (to be seated)

Ceremony Proper : 2.00pm

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Its all for a good cause. The "charity cut" graced by Minister Lim Swee Say and Minister Gan Kim Yong receives overwhelming respond. Students from Monsoon Hair Academy, led by Addy Lee did a very good job during the 4-hour cut. More than 300 school students who are beneficials of CDAC was given a "Clean" look before going back to school in 2 weeks time.

Special thanks to Celia, Cincelia, Poh Kee, Rico, Ben & Friends!

E-Invite to CIBTAC Graduation Ceremony

"Thorn" of Beauty

In the 80s or 90s, it would have been unusual for a man to go for facial or skin care related treatment. But, if trend predictions are correct, it seems our Beauty Salons are about to be over-run with men going for facial as well as men offering beauty services.

Kudos to our male graduand Gene who may set trends for market for Male Beauty & Skin Care!

Nasty Little Johnny....son of Kelly...


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL STUDENTS! We are proud of your achievements.

We have achieved 100% passing rate in the Practical Assessment for our Oct Series Exam. 25% of the students passed with Credits!

Our students learning spirit and determination is like Joi Chua's song "陪我看日出". Trust this Professional Qualification will bring your prospective career to greater heights!


Although its just a session to fit the right gown size for the CIBTAC Graduation Ceremony.... we can see moments of satisfaction, proudness and sense of achievements of our Graduands!

Graduation is a special moment for both the graduates and their families because it marks the end of a long journey filled with hard work and accomplishments! Special thanks to Justina for the beautiful "huat kueh"!

Congratulations and look forward to the Graduation Ceremony on 26 Dec 2009 (Sat) @ SRC.