As part of a community project, some elderly people have received beauty treatment and shoulder massages at a nominal fee during the Fuchun Community Club Open House.

Graudands and CIBTAC students from SingTrain Academy keep the elderly young in their later years by offering EyeBrow Threading, Manicure as well as Head and Shoulder Massage. It was a meaningful event for our students to experience a day of giving as well as applying their skills set on real life situation.

Reskilling To Return to Workfoce - A Housewife Tale

Mdm Lily Lee enhanced her employability skill by attending the Diploma In Body Massage at our Academy, after being a full-time housewife for the last 17 years.

With her children gradually gowing up and becoming more independent, Lily feels the need for herself to be connected with the society and not just continue to stay at home as a full pledge housewife.

She signed up and self-finance her initial Diploma Training and is currently employed by a major SPA in Singapore. Her current achievement does not stopped her from continuing to upgrade herself.

With the help of the Academy, She is taking her Beauty course with subsidy from self-helped group. Lily hoped to eventually be able to do well in both Body & Beauty Therapy. Let's wish her every success in her aspiration!

Home Remedies - Kaffir Lime (Limau Purut, Citrus Hystrix)

These little limes can help you get rid of Smelly Feet & Arm Pit

Kaffir Lime is well known for its medicinal properties, not only by the Thais and Malays in the olden days but also by modern scientific researchers. It can be used to get rid of smelly feet,armpits and helps remove dandruff .

Smelly Feet :

(1) Slice 2 pcs of Kaffir Lime into half
(2) Squeeze the juice on luke warm waste (dun throw away the fruit, just leave them in the pail)
(3) Wash feet and soak for 20 mins, twice a week

The smell will be removed, and skin of feet will be smoother as well.

It can be used to get rid of Smelly Armpits.

(1) Take one Kaffir Lime and cut into half
(2) Apply it under arm and leave it for few minutes before rinse
(3) Repeat 2 times a week

Kaffir Lime Shampoo is used commonly in rural Thailand and beyond. It leaves hair squeaky clean and revives the scalp and helps get rid of dandruff.

Its inexpensive, natural and sweet-smelling.

We Are On Air .... LOVE FM 97.2

Were invited by Violet Fenying of Love 97.2 to speak on Alternative Career with her co-host Addy Lee.

A new experience and the entire talk show was fun!

If you have missed out today's interview, tune in again on next Monday, 20 Oct at 12.35pm. We will be on air, this time with Lily Lee.

Creating Magical Moments - Bridal Make-up

Welcome to the Wedding Bliss. These group of trainees will become qualified Bridal Make-up Artistes after today.... 12 Oct 08 (its assessment day).

They are passionate about creating a fabulous and memorable celebrations for their "brides" and to turn their dream wedding into an uforgettable experience with the skills they learnt from their beauty trainer.

Did you notice some sweet and innocent "brides" brought by their mummy to be the model for the assessment?


Start planning or creating your own career path....... if you are thinking of a career switch, re-entering workforce, coping with the risk of unemployment or facing organisation down-sizing/restructuring etc etc.

What drove these Auties, Uncles, Professionals to take up a 2nd Qualification skills set is their aspiration to "make things happen" or in anticipation of "something that may happen"!Which ever does happens, they have an alternative skills set to fall back to and could continue working in different industries, if necessary.

CHANGE is constant. Follow your heart and get ready for changes!
The School can help you apply for course subsidy from *CDAC, CDC, NTUC.
(*application are subject to approval from the various authorities).

Contact us at Tel: 6221 2017 or drop us a email at for more info.

ROM Make-Up for TaiLee

Congratulations to TaiLee on her ROM on 4 Oct 2008.

Our Beauty trainer performed a special make-up session for bride-to-be TaiLee and at the same time, provides hands-on training to our team of CIBTAC and Bridal Make-Up students. This is part of our training methodology; conducting training in a commercial salon environment.

We also make arrangement for our Make-up and Facial graduates to offer Facial and make up (Personal or ROM/Bridal Make-Up) services to our clients at students rate. Those interested may call us for appointment.

Graduates Service Menu

1-hour Rejuvenating Facial (with Bryan's scrub & serum) : $38.00 (@ academy)

Personal Make-Up : $38.00 (@ academy)

ROM Make-Up : $88.00 (@ academy)

Bridal Make-Up: $200 to $250 (off-site)