LIVING LIFE - 2nd Visit to Elderly Home

05 July 2008 (Sat) @ 2.30pm (UMC)

Bravo to these 2 elderly ladies...... the one in pink is 99 years old, very alert and chatty... telling us her age, about her family and very spontaneous - posing photos with our volunteers. The one in violet colour t-shirt is a 73 years old grandma... standing in for our "Miss Cream" (not available today). She is "Granny Cream"; my Mother.... A Healthy, Active and Happy Grandma.

We have our regulars such as Mabel and Pam, and our new members Jessica, Eleana and daughter Kendra. They were busy massaging and chatting with the residents. It was vey heartwarming when we see some residents waiting for us outside the Physio Room at about 2.15pm. One of them told me she waited for us last week, but was only told later by MariChris that we only visit them fortnightly.

It was indeed a very meaningful activity and we look forward to more volunteers in our next session on 19 July (Sat) at 2.30pm.