StreetSmart Relax Project @ Marsiling RC : Paving way to the future…

The StreetSmart Relax Project mooted by Marsiling RC Zone 8 and supported by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for MOM and MP for Sembawang GRC Mr Hawazi Daipi was official launched on Friday, 18 July 2008.

What drove these Diploma and NSRS graduands of SingTrain Academy onto the "career expressway" is the platform granted by Mr Hawazi for them to apply their knowledge and skill in a real-life "Self-Made Entrepreneur" directive.

The project fully operated by the graduands is in-line with the Government's objective in encouraging Singaporean to cope with risk of un-employment, career change and also emphasize the increased need for self-reliance and lifelong learning.

Follow your heart, never stop dreaming! Many thanks to MP Hawazi and all from the RC. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

Uncover the Truth of ......


2 NEW courses will be launched in August 2008 for those who are keen to learn the Art of Slimming, Body Contouring and Skin Treatment.

These are useful complementing skills for existing Beauty and Body Therapists who wishes to enhance their knowledge in the SPA and Beauty Industry.

New mums or anyone who wishes to acquire the knowledge would find it interesting to Uncover The Truth of How to Lose Weight and Maintain Beautiful Complexion with simple massage techniques and use of basic equipments.

The Certificate course is a good pre-requisite for those who wishes to advance their qualifications for CIBTAC Diplomas. (Confederation International of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)

Certificate In Slimming & Body Contour Therapy (SDF Approved)

Date : 23 Aug (Sat)

Time : 9am to 5pm

Fees : S$335.00 (Alumni & Bryan's student) $350.00 (Public)

Certificate In Skin & Facial Treatment Therapy (SDF Approved)

Date : 31 Aug (Sun)

Time : 9am to 5pm

Fees : S$335.00 (Alumni & Bryan's student) $350.00 (Public)

Course taught by qualified CIBTAC & CIDESCO Trainer.

You may register or email us at for more information


Kudos to these sisters who came to SingTrain Academy specially to upgrade themselves with a Diploma Qualification.

Their enthusiasm and passion for massage is really something we should emulate.

Good Luck in your endeavour in Brunei.


Another group of Bridal Make-Up students was put through a 2 hours assessment to ascertain the skills-set they have achieved during the last 2 months of training. It was “butterflies in their stomach” for some students, while most of the others were quite calm.

Candidates are required to plait and bund the hair of their “brides” during the assessment. The ultimate aim is to allow the students to challenge themselves and hone their skills to gain greater professional achievement in their career as a make-up beautician.

Diploma In Foot, Head & Shoulder Massage - 13 July 2008

These therapeutic techniques are good for Shoulder Blade Stiffness and Neck Pain.

Theses are trigger points for Headache and Migraine.

Self-Massage and DIY Massage "Tools"

Learn how to Perform Self Massage to energise yourself before and during work or to unwind in the evening.

The self-massage techniques performed on your trigger points will help you relax, ease sore muscles, improve blood circulation, and benefit your lymphatic system.Also learn several tips on making your own Massage Tools such as Hot Sock Massager and self massage using tennis ball, golf ball, massage stick etc.

Date : 17 Jul 2008 (Thurs)
Time : 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Fees : $65.00 (Alumni & Bryan’s Student)
$80.00 (Public)

Those interested please email your contact to or call us at Tel:6221 2017.

Lesson 2 - Cert In Infant/Child Massage & Tuina

The 2nd session of the Certificate In Infant/Child Massage & Tuina course was filled with lots of fun, laughter, knowledge sharing and of course,"poking" jokes on each other.

These group of candidates were an interesting mix of mother, grandma to-be, post natal and confinement specialists from Brunei, body therapists and professionals. Jokes and knowledge varies from massage techniques to foodcure for babies, confinement mothers, body shaping to possible "match-making" in Brunei (personal jokes).

The afternoon was filled with another round of laughters when our visiting consultant, Licenced TCM Physician Mdm Tan Ai Tee was present for the dialogue session with candidates. More informations were shared. See the happy faces of our candidates...!!

LIVING LIFE - 2nd Visit to Elderly Home

05 July 2008 (Sat) @ 2.30pm (UMC)

Bravo to these 2 elderly ladies...... the one in pink is 99 years old, very alert and chatty... telling us her age, about her family and very spontaneous - posing photos with our volunteers. The one in violet colour t-shirt is a 73 years old grandma... standing in for our "Miss Cream" (not available today). She is "Granny Cream"; my Mother.... A Healthy, Active and Happy Grandma.

We have our regulars such as Mabel and Pam, and our new members Jessica, Eleana and daughter Kendra. They were busy massaging and chatting with the residents. It was vey heartwarming when we see some residents waiting for us outside the Physio Room at about 2.15pm. One of them told me she waited for us last week, but was only told later by MariChris that we only visit them fortnightly.

It was indeed a very meaningful activity and we look forward to more volunteers in our next session on 19 July (Sat) at 2.30pm.