DIY Massage Tools

Most of us instinctively give ourselves a massage without even thinking about it. We rub our forehead and temple if we have a headache. We rub our shoulders and neck if stress and tension is getting too much.

You can massage yourself with just your hands or you can use tools, which can make things both much easier and effective. Try making your DIY massage tools with tennis or golf balls, rice in socks etc. These DIY items are economical and reusable. You could use it whenever you like

Tennis Ball Massager

Tennis or golf balls can become instant massage tools. Put 2 tennis balls in a sock & placed them under your back or hip while sitting on the couch or lying down. If you find some tender spots, place the tennis ball on that area until the you feel the pressure and tension being relieved.

Foot & Wrist Massage - To get your feet or wrist feeling better,use golf balls. Place them in a sock and put them under your feet or wrist while sitting at your desk or while watching television.

Hot Rice Sock Massager

Pour 2 cups of rice in a sock until it looks like a hack sack. Tie a knot in it and placed it in the microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. When the rice is heated up, the "hot sock massager" is really soft and feels really soothing. You could pressed it over any soar muscles such as shoulder, neck, arm etc. You could reheat it over and over again and the "rice ball" is still very fragrant.