Self-Manage Back Pain Massage Remedy

The illustration shows self-treatment of lower back pain with massage of the gluteus medius and maximus muscles using a tennis ball against a wall.

Self-managed Trigger Point Massage is an appropriate and unusually effective remedy for Back Pain, because it goes to the source of the problem.

Learn where to locate the right trigger points and application of right techniques during our workshop on 17 Jul (Thurs) at 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

You will also learn how to make your DIY Hot Sock Massager, Tennis Ball Massager,application of Wooden Hill and Wooden Stick as Pain Inducer.

Those interested in attending the workshop may send your contact to or call us at Tel: 6221 2017 for more information.

Occupational Role of Parenting - Infant Massage & Tuina (29 Jun & 6 Jul)

Parenting and Grand-parenting is a most significant occupational role. There are growing evidences of parent, parent-to-be, grandparent and care giver in learning Baby and Infant Massage/Tuina.

The role of the School and learners are to facilitate the best outcomes for their Children. We all believe that Massage and Tuina helps stimulation of physiological systems, relaxation and relief from physical pain such as colic, bedwetting, night crying as well as promoting good parent infant interaction.

The group will proceed with more Tuina techniques with Penny Chew and our Licensed TCM Physician Mdm Tan Ai Tee on 6 Jul 2008.

DIY Massage Tools

Most of us instinctively give ourselves a massage without even thinking about it. We rub our forehead and temple if we have a headache. We rub our shoulders and neck if stress and tension is getting too much.

You can massage yourself with just your hands or you can use tools, which can make things both much easier and effective. Try making your DIY massage tools with tennis or golf balls, rice in socks etc. These DIY items are economical and reusable. You could use it whenever you like

Tennis Ball Massager

Tennis or golf balls can become instant massage tools. Put 2 tennis balls in a sock & placed them under your back or hip while sitting on the couch or lying down. If you find some tender spots, place the tennis ball on that area until the you feel the pressure and tension being relieved.

Foot & Wrist Massage - To get your feet or wrist feeling better,use golf balls. Place them in a sock and put them under your feet or wrist while sitting at your desk or while watching television.

Hot Rice Sock Massager

Pour 2 cups of rice in a sock until it looks like a hack sack. Tie a knot in it and placed it in the microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. When the rice is heated up, the "hot sock massager" is really soft and feels really soothing. You could pressed it over any soar muscles such as shoulder, neck, arm etc. You could reheat it over and over again and the "rice ball" is still very fragrant.


The lunch-talk on DIY Massage @ Singapore Land Authority (SLA) this afternoon was well received. The audience were fun and warm.

Hope the group had benefitted from the techniques discussed, and will apply the skill to "hit-off" those knots in their muscles.


Wants a Bollywood Eye Brow?

Threading has been one of the hottest depilatory fad recently. What was once an old fashioned beauty treatment is now a major drawing card for high-end SPAs and salons in Singapore. Threading and Brazilian Wax has evolved from ethnic to hip status and is widely available at Salons located in CBD areas as well as “Five-Foot Pathway” in heartlanders estates.

For last Saturday’s class, we received students from as young as 13 years old and also students of vary races and nationality. Angelina even flew in from Sabah to attend the programme. Trusts they have learnt and enjoy the session very much.

Next batch tentatively schedule on 26 Jul 2008 (Sat) from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Reach Out and Touch Someone’s Life

Our pilot Volunteering Work kicks off smoothly this afternoon, with 5 great Volunteers and Bryan Laoshi.

They were there like a much needed friend, offering a pair of listening ears as well as providing a pair of healing hands to help knead away the residents’ tensed muscles & loneliness. They talked and joked with the residents and were much “tested” on their not so fluent dialects. Anyway, touch therapy is already an “international language”, the rest does not matter.

Along with the word 'volunteering' comes many ideas and images about what it means to be a volunteer. In reality, it means being a friend...someone to chase away the lonliness and make a person feel loved!

Thank you Mabel, May, Soo Fan, Teresa,Pam and not forgetting our great help "Miss CREAM"! If you want to know who is "Miss CREAM", join us in our next session scheduled on 5 July 2008 (Sat). We also welcome on-board new members Eleana, Kendra, Amy and Jessicca. Hope more students can join us for this meaningful activity. 加油 JIA YOU Everyone!

The Self-Made Entrepreneur Training (SET)

Dreaming of Owning Your Own Business?

A group of Diploma Graduands from our School was granted the opportunity to "Be Their Own Boss" @ Marsiling RC. Many thanks to MP Hawazi and Chairman of Masiling Resident Committee, Angela Goh who has created this platform for our fresh graduands to offer their acquired skills set to their residents at a nominal fee. Hopefully in the midst of the project, they could explore the best model to become self-made entrepreneur.

This is also in-line with the Government's objective in encouraging Singaporean to cope with risk of un-employment, career change and also emphasize the increased need for self-reliance and lifelong learning.

The project is fully operated by the graduands. They are now into their 2nd sessions. More residents are coming forth to try their service. For those who wishes to give them a chance to massage you, they are offering their services as follows:

Date : Every Friday
Venue : Blk 363 Woodlands Ave 5
Opp Civic Centre (Woodlands MRT)
Time : 7.30pm to 10.00pm

"Jia You!!"

Certificate In Infant & Child Massage/Tuina - 22 & 29 Jun 08 (Sundays)

Communicating Through Touch....

Infant massage is a simple and effective way to encourage your baby's growth and development, alleviate birth trauma and other anxieties, and build a bond of trust and love between parent and child.

Learn from Baby Massage Practitioner and Licensed TCM Physician.

Topics covered :

· Difference between Infant & Child Massage and Child Tuina
· Most frequently applied manual techniques for Massage and Tuina
· Pediatric Points Location
· Application of pediatric points for enhancing children general health as well as treating general conditions

Date : 22 & 29 Jun 2008 (Sundays)
Time : 10am to 4pm
Fees : S$335.00(Alumni & Bryan Student) S$350.00 (Public)

Please send your registration to or call us at Tel : 6221 2017 for more information.


SPA can be an important part of your health and beauty routine and are the ultimate in pure indulgence. However, DIY Home SPA treatments can fun and cost-effective.

One of the biggest benefits of Home-SPA is its convenience. You do not have to make an appointment. You can create your own products whenever you need them, in the privacy of your own home.

Learn how to create a relaxing and rejuvenating SPA exeperince @ Home from Celebrity Trainer Bryan Gan. You will learn how to prepapre economical and effective beauty care treatments products for your skin care, face, body and hair therapy from natural plants and flowers.

You will also be equipped with the “Power” of Make-Up by creating your desired look for special occasions. Complete Hands-On Practice.

Date : 15 Jun 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 10.00am to 4.30pm

Those interested can email to or call us at Tel: 6221 2017

A VEGGIE HERBIE DAY - 01 June 2008

It was a very Veggie Herbie day for this group of herbs
enthusiasts to come together to learn how to make Traditional Thai Herbal Ball Pack for pain relieve.

The workshop also raises awareness about the significance of herbs in our lives and the many ways herbs can be used safely and creatively for health, beauty care, and culinary enjoyment.

We hope that greater familiarity with herbs and veggies will increase informed use of herbal products as well as maintaining personal choice in the use of herbal products for pain relieve.