Certificate In Hand Reflexology @ Civil Service Club

FUN is not so much something you say or do as an atmosphere you create. But, when the atmosphere of fun is established, humor will be generated by everyone in the room - and this would result in a training session that is more engaging, participative and enjoyable.

Bryan and I met a group of “serious” looking Professionals on 24 May @ Civil Service Club who have signed up for the Certificate In Hand Reflexology. But within minutes into the course proper, Bryan was able to bond a rapport within the group with his “signature” smile and passionate teaching. (He even folded his jeans and walks around bare-footed so that he could demonstrate the reflex zones to his participants).

The participants were a wonderful group of intelligent and passionate learner. Kudos to your enthusiasm and positive learning spirit!!

Morale of the story – “FUN is a catalyst and an enabler for learning. It is an effective vehicle to deliver content”