Wedding Bells Jingle @ SingTrain

Its wedding again in SingTrain on 26 May 2008. 5 trained Bridal Make-Up Artistes went through their skills-set assessment by Beauty Assesor Cincelia Tan on this "special" day.

Tough feeling a little panicky during the 2 hour assessment, the end result was fantastic. Well done ladies!


Certificate In Hand Reflexology @ Civil Service Club

FUN is not so much something you say or do as an atmosphere you create. But, when the atmosphere of fun is established, humor will be generated by everyone in the room - and this would result in a training session that is more engaging, participative and enjoyable.

Bryan and I met a group of “serious” looking Professionals on 24 May @ Civil Service Club who have signed up for the Certificate In Hand Reflexology. But within minutes into the course proper, Bryan was able to bond a rapport within the group with his “signature” smile and passionate teaching. (He even folded his jeans and walks around bare-footed so that he could demonstrate the reflex zones to his participants).

The participants were a wonderful group of intelligent and passionate learner. Kudos to your enthusiasm and positive learning spirit!!

Morale of the story – “FUN is a catalyst and an enabler for learning. It is an effective vehicle to deliver content”

Make Your Own Herbal Ball for Pain Relieve - 1 Jun (Sunday)

In Thailand, the round cotton bundles containing herbal mixtures were once the secret tools of ancient healers, and up until recently, could be obtained only from traditional healers or from the Thai massage school in Chiangmai or Bangkok's Wat Po Temple of the reclining Buddha.

SingTrain Academy, an affiliated school of TMC Chiangmai is one of the first Thai Massage educators to teach this ancient treatment in Singapore. We teach our students how to make the Herbal Balls with raw herbs and application of massage techniues to relive pain, sore and aching muscles.

The hot compressed Herbal ball also helps circulate the blood, making it an ideal tool for cramps and arthritis.

Course Date : 01 Jun 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 9.30am to 1.00pm
Fees : S$95.00 (alumni members & bryan's student)
S$120.00 (public)

You may register via or send us your name and contact number via


Hurray! We have finalised the date to start offering our Hand Reflex Therapy to the elderly at United Medicare Centre on 21 Jun 2008 (Sat) between 2.00pm to 5.00pm at the Roof Garden above UMC Building (Pic on left)

Kudos to the graduands of Certificate In Hand Reflexology who had graciously committed to help out on Saturday afternoon at Lor 6 Toa Payoh.

Special thanks to May, Teresa, Eleana and daughter Kendra, Soo Fan and Amy. Those who have yet to respond to my email on 8 May, we hope to hear from you soon.

I have make arrangement with the Director of UMC Ms Tan to offer it on a bi-monthly basis with about 4 students and a trainer attending to each Sat's therapy. Bryan and myself will take turns to attend with our students. We hope to involve more students to participate in this meaning community work and at the same time, practice your skills set.

Schedule for Jun and Jul : 21 Jun, 05 Jul and 19 Jul 2008. Will post more updates closer to the schedule.


Sunday’s hot and humid weather did not deter families and Job Seekers gathering outside Civic Centre to join in the mass exercise, games, enjoy food. But to some job seekers from NorthWest CDC, the most important task is to source for a suitable job.

Hosted by Sembawang GRC and graced by Minister Khaw Boon Wan, the “carnival” drew a diverse array of people with many taking refuge in the shade while “shopping” for a desired job.

We are privilege to be at the event demonstrating Bridal Makeup, Manicure and Nail Artistry as well as Shoulder Massage. Amidst the hot sun, the visit of Minister Khaw and MP Dr Maliki to our kiosk have lifted the spirit of our trainers and trainees. Special thanks to Thomas, Penny, Sharkey, Cincelia, Leslie, Siow Mei, Niza, Nic and all students who helped make the event possible.

Tooth Paste + Tooth Salt

Was discussing with a group of students during the Hand Reflexology Course on how to avoid or reduce gum sore. Many a times, we may encounter swollen gum probably due to heatiness or too much spicy food.

During the olden days, our grandma would ask us to rub our gum with salt. I found a more convenient solution, ie brush your teeth with Tooth Salt on alternate days. So far, I was only able to find this item at ISETAN Supermakert in Chiangmai, Thailand. The wordings in the container are printed with Thai words... sori, cant help to provide brand name!!

I use a herbal toothpaste from Thailand together with the salt, and it works wonders for me... never encounter swollen gum problem for the last 4 years. Lately, I used Systema (recommended by Bryan) together with the salt, and it works equally well.