Nobody is too old to learn something new. Picking up new and interesting skills set is a great way to keep your mind and body active.

Some people do it for interest, some to keep up with the changing landscape of our economy, or others might give you a push in the right direction to get the job you have aspired!

Mdm Ng, 63 years old is the model of our Silver Industry. Apart from holding a full-time job, she continously enhances her skills set in SPA and Beauty. She has completed her Diploma In Full Body Massage, Diploma In Foot Massage, Certificate in Chair Massage and is heading for her NSC-2 Assesssment soon. Bravo to an active Senior Citizen! Of course, her long-time Buddy cum coursemate Tee Sieng is always around to help with her revision!!

And whats next for Mdm Mg & Tee Sieng, a self-made entrepreneur in SPA & Beauty upon their retirement!