Bryan Laoshi Certification Course – Hand Reflexology

It was a "Challenging" but “Fun” Day (I guess)! "Challenging" initially, as there were quite a fair bit of Reflex Zones our participants needs to pick up. But “Fun”, once you understand how these Reflex Zones correspond to your organs function!

A group of enthusiastic and participative learners spent their whole Saturday on 08 Mar 2008 with Bryan Laoshi & Wendy to better understand how Hand Reflexology, complemented with Herbal Soups can enhance Body Wellness and Beauty.

It’s a special day to launch this Certification Course with Bryan as it coincides with International Women’s Day.

CHEERS! To our ladies who “Makes A Difference” on this special day marked by women's groups around the world by - picking up a “life-long” skill set. Of course, we do not forget the Gentlemen who have extended their full participation during the course. Hope you have “Fun”!