CHAIR MASSAGE - 13 APR 2008, Sunday

Learn a Therapy Technique to Help Reduce Workplace & Desk-Bond Fatigue....

Stiff neck, Aching wrists, Tense Shoulders – these are most office/student-related symptoms attributed to poor blood circulation. Tight muscles caused by stress and sitting behind a desk all day, especially at a work/computer station that are not ergonomically designed, can impede blood and lymph flow through the body.

The 7-hour Certificate In Chair Massage Therapy Course aims to equip learners with the fundamental hands-on skill to help your loved ones, colleagues, friends relieve pain. Your may offer it as a service to Corporations and during Events & Functions.

The course conducted by Associate Trainer Kenny Lim has received overwhelming response and had attracted participants from various ministeries and industries.

Date : 13 Mar 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue : 163 Tras Street #07-05
Behind Amara Hotel (Tg Pagar MRT)
Fees : S$185 nett
S$165 nett (Alumni & Bryan’s Student)

You may register via or send us a email at Closing Date : 06 Apr 2008.


Parents, Parents-To-Be, Grandparents-To-Be and Caregivers experienced a relaxing and fun environment of an Infant and Child Massage/Tuina Class@ SingTrain Academy on a Warm and Humid Saturday morning. This is quite an "International Get-together" with participants from Malaysia, Spain, Austalia, Thailand and of course, Singapore.

We enjoy working closely with our participants to offer hands on instruction and help communicate their love for baby through touch and tactile stimulation using a variety of tuina and massage techniques.

Lesson continues on 12 Apr when our visiting Licensed TCM Practitioner Tan Ai Tee and Ms Penny Chew will continue with more techniques.

Be A Volunteer At United Medicare Centre (UMC) With Bryan

This initiative was mooted by Bryan Laoshi and supported by SingTrain Academy as part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities. As Bryan in currently in KL, I proceeded to meet up with Ms Tan, Nursing Director of UMC this morning.

She welcomes the idea of our students offering Volunteering Work at UMC Centre. The Centre , located at Lorong 6 Toa Payoh is the first purpose-built 240-bedded private nursing home which was initiated by the Ministry of Health. The 5-storey compound is professionally managed with proper Physiology Room, Guest Lobby, Residents Room as well as a Roof Garden. I have discussed with Ms Tan and have identified the Roof Garden as the most appropriate place to offer Touch Therapy and Hand Reflexology to the residents.

While Bryan and myself worked on the details on how we should approach this voluntary initiative and review how this would benefits the general health condition of the elderly, as well as the practical skills set and voluntary spirit of our students, I have taken some photos for your viewing.

Give some thots to it and let us know if you are keen to be part of our Volunteer Scheme!


We celebrated the graduation of our 8th Batch of Bridal Make-Up students since we launched the Certificate In Bridal Make-Up Course in Jun 2007.

This exciting course attracted participants from all walks of life – Polytechnic and Secondary School Students, Factory Operators, Office Executives, Health & Wellness Executives, Housewives etc.

The course covers comprehensive Bridal Make-up and Bridal Hairstyling syllabus encompassing a wide range of techniques associated with Bridal Day, Evening & Photographic Make-up, Tea Ceremony, ROM Make-Up, Events Make-Up etc. Our students are also offered induction opportunities where they were exposed to commercial events make-up during their 32-hours training.

The afternoon continues with the NSC-2 Face Treatment Assessment.


SingTrain Academy is blessed with very learned and interesting students, and of course, playful but dedicated Trainers for the past 2years. Some candid shots to share with everyone - JUST FOR LAUGH!!


"Peforming Chair Massage The Thai Way!"

"Some touch up before Body Massage Training, Huh ????"

"Playful side of Bryan Gan"

"Our Baby Bride!"

"Sawadee Krup - Herbal Ball Treatment"


Nobody is too old to learn something new. Picking up new and interesting skills set is a great way to keep your mind and body active.

Some people do it for interest, some to keep up with the changing landscape of our economy, or others might give you a push in the right direction to get the job you have aspired!

Mdm Ng, 63 years old is the model of our Silver Industry. Apart from holding a full-time job, she continously enhances her skills set in SPA and Beauty. She has completed her Diploma In Full Body Massage, Diploma In Foot Massage, Certificate in Chair Massage and is heading for her NSC-2 Assesssment soon. Bravo to an active Senior Citizen! Of course, her long-time Buddy cum coursemate Tee Sieng is always around to help with her revision!!

And whats next for Mdm Mg & Tee Sieng, a self-made entrepreneur in SPA & Beauty upon their retirement!


Hong Kong’s government ordered Wednesday that all kindergartens and primary schools be closed for two weeks amid a flu outbreak, shutting down classes for more than a half million students.

The government also asked one of its top scientists to study three child deaths over the past week. (Source : msnbc)

The immune system protects our body by helping it to ward-off and recover from various diseases. While stress reduction and regular exercise are known to assist in strengthening the immune system, Hand/Foot REFLEXOLOGY can help to stengthen our immune system if done regularly.

For those who have attended the Cetificate In Hand Reflex and/or Diploma In Foot Reflexology,you may work on these points (1 min on each zone)Chidren & Elderly and Frail(30 seconds on each zones)

1. Liver and Spleen
2. Lungs
3. Kidney/Adrenal Gland
4. Intestines (Colon)
5. Lympathics

How Can Infant/Kid Massage Help Relieve Colic?

One option to helping your child feel better is massage and you might be skeptical at first but after your child has a few massage sessions you might be surprised in the difference it makes. If you never thought of massaging your child or have never heard of infant/child massage now is the time to learn more so you can play an integral role in easing your child/baby's pain rather than simply listening to the crying.

This Certification Course supported by WDA and taught by Licenced TCM Physician and Certified AromaTherapist and Public Speaker Bryan Gan.

Dates : 29 Mar and 12 Apr 2008 (Sat)
Time : 10am to 4pm
Venue : 163 Tras Street #07-05 (Behind Amara Hotel)
(2 mins walk from Tg Pagar MRT, Exit A)

More information available at or you may send us an email on or Tel : 6221 2017

Bryan Laoshi Certification Course – Hand Reflexology

It was a "Challenging" but “Fun” Day (I guess)! "Challenging" initially, as there were quite a fair bit of Reflex Zones our participants needs to pick up. But “Fun”, once you understand how these Reflex Zones correspond to your organs function!

A group of enthusiastic and participative learners spent their whole Saturday on 08 Mar 2008 with Bryan Laoshi & Wendy to better understand how Hand Reflexology, complemented with Herbal Soups can enhance Body Wellness and Beauty.

It’s a special day to launch this Certification Course with Bryan as it coincides with International Women’s Day.

CHEERS! To our ladies who “Makes A Difference” on this special day marked by women's groups around the world by - picking up a “life-long” skill set. Of course, we do not forget the Gentlemen who have extended their full participation during the course. Hope you have “Fun”!

WOODEN STICK FOR HAND & FOOT REFLEX - Stocks Has Just Arrived from Chiangmai!

This Hand-Made Wooden stick from Thailand, ChiangMai is made from Fine Wood. It is 5 inches in length and half inch in diameter on one end, and a quarter inch on the other end. Each stick are carefully selected by the School before presenting to our Students.

The wooden stick is an effective alternative tool for your thumb in peformorming hand and foot reflex and a quick remedy to acheing and sore muscles. Try for yourself to see results!