TAKE A LEAP - 29 FEB 2008

Let us give February 29 a hearty welcome. Spend sometime on this extra day that comes around every four years to THANK and Pay TRIBUTE to :

Your Loved Ones who are always there for you!
Your Mum, Mum-in-Law, GrandMa, Great GrandMa who dutifully wipped out delicious hot meals daily!
Your Dad, Dad-in-Law, GrandDad, Great GrandDad who helped you bring your kids to School or wait for School-Bus!
Your Siblings and in-laws who would always lend you a Listening Ear!
Your Children who messed up the house, but still keep your hearts warm!
Your Housekeeper who helps you with every chores!
Your working partners, your customers, your students who help keep you busy, but happy

SingTrain Academy Pay Special Tribute To All Our Students and Our Dedicated Team of Trainers & Associates: Bryan Gan, Sharkey Chong, Kenny Lim, Cincelia Tan, Penny Chew, Jimmy Lim, Thomas Koh, Jacqueline Tan. You are our Pride!

Enjoy 29 Febraury 2008 – there won’t be another one along for another four years!