Calling Parents, Grandparents, Child Care Teachers, Nannies and those who wish to learn a life skill-set. We will be organizing our 3rd run of Infant and Child Massage/Tuina :

Dates : 15 and 29 Mar 2008 (Sat)
Time : 10am to 4pm
Fees : $250.00 per pax (Public) $235.00 per pax (Bryan’s Student & Love 97.2 Listeners)

Course outline:
1. Touch, Aroma & Music Therapy to enhance child immune system (Bryan Gan)
2. Stress Relieve techniques for Parents and Caregivers (Bryan Gan)
3. Relieve child’s common illness and Aid growth and development
4. Hands on application on most common pediatric points for therapeutic treatment by Licensed TCM Physician and Acupuncturist and experienced Baby Tui-na Physician at local Clinic

Other Diploma and Certification Courses:

08 Mar : Cert In Hand Reflexology (Bryan)
02 Mar : NSRS Briefing (Wendy Lee)
05 Apr : Cert In Chair Massage (Kenny Lim)
12 Apr : Cert In Aromatherapy for Pain Management (Bryan)
19 Apr : Cert In Threading & Waxing (Cincelia)
26 Apr : Cert In New Age Therapy for Total Wellness (Bryan)

17 Feb, 24 Feb and 16 Mar Intake

1. NSC-2 Face (80hr)
2. Bridal Make-up (32hr)
3. Diploma in Foot (16-hr)
4. Diploma In Thai Massage (Level II & III)

25 Feb, 02 Mar 2008 Intake

1. NSC-2 Body Without Oil (80hr)
2. NSC-3 Foot Reflex (40hr)
3. Diploma In Thai Massage Level I (30hr)

Please drop us a email at or call Tel: 6221 2017 if you need a copy of our brochure for the above courses.