Simple Steps for Infant & Child Massage (from 3 months to 1 year old)

Massage to Help Relieve Upset Tummy

Is your little one gassy or spitting up a lot after feedings? Try this massage technique. Before your baby eats, massage the entire stomach area, lightly yet firmly, in a clockwise direction.


(1) Use small amount of edible oil, as the baby's fingers will probably go into the mouth. Corn, vegetable or virgin olive oils are great. Do not use medicated oil.
(2) Facing the baby, start massaging with your fingertips, beginning below the ribs, from left to right.
(3) Use circular motions, or rainbow-shape strokes. Avoid genital area. This helps the digestion, and helps to pass the gas. (See illustration above)
Cautions :

Moving the gas can be painful, so be sure to massage slowly. This should help keep the food down, and with less discomfort. You can do this for a few minutes before each meal, and doing it before bed makes for a better night's sleep!