Baby Tuina/Massage Workshop

Coming Up Next..... 25 Aug 2007 (Sat)

Course Duration : 10am to 4 pm (5 hours)(with 1 hour optional Post Natal Massage topic*)
Fees : S$95 (Alumni/Bryan's Students/Love 97.2 Listeners)
S$110 (non-members)

Infant & Child tuina/massage is soothing, enjoyable and a great way to connect with your baby.

It also promotes bonding, aids physical development, reduces tension and helps with sleeping and colic problems. You will learn :

  • The basic theories of child tuina/massage
  • Techniques for allieviating Colic, Colds, Asthma, Restlessness and other common childhood conditions
  • Steps-by-Steps hands-on application of tuina/massge techniques
You may call us at Tel: 6221 2017 for more information or register with us at