It was a “ fun cum educational” day for parents and kids, especially the children…… enjoying soothing massages from our Trainer Penny Chew, their mum and grandma.

The 5-hour Workshop on Infant and Child Massage was filled with fun, laughter…. with kids running around the training studio after receiving their massage.

It was a good platform for parents/caregivers to promote bonding with their child through massage. Parents also learnt simple therapeutic techniques on managing their child fever, abdominal pain, convulsion, restlessness, maintaining general health and wellness etc.

Our next run is scheduled on 29 Sep 2007......

Baby Tuina/Massage Workshop

Coming Up Next..... 25 Aug 2007 (Sat)

Course Duration : 10am to 4 pm (5 hours)(with 1 hour optional Post Natal Massage topic*)
Fees : S$95 (Alumni/Bryan's Students/Love 97.2 Listeners)
S$110 (non-members)

Infant & Child tuina/massage is soothing, enjoyable and a great way to connect with your baby.

It also promotes bonding, aids physical development, reduces tension and helps with sleeping and colic problems. You will learn :

  • The basic theories of child tuina/massage
  • Techniques for allieviating Colic, Colds, Asthma, Restlessness and other common childhood conditions
  • Steps-by-Steps hands-on application of tuina/massge techniques
You may call us at Tel: 6221 2017 for more information or register with us at

Simple Steps for Infant & Child Massage (from 3 months to 1 year old)

Massage to Help Relieve Upset Tummy

Is your little one gassy or spitting up a lot after feedings? Try this massage technique. Before your baby eats, massage the entire stomach area, lightly yet firmly, in a clockwise direction.


(1) Use small amount of edible oil, as the baby's fingers will probably go into the mouth. Corn, vegetable or virgin olive oils are great. Do not use medicated oil.
(2) Facing the baby, start massaging with your fingertips, beginning below the ribs, from left to right.
(3) Use circular motions, or rainbow-shape strokes. Avoid genital area. This helps the digestion, and helps to pass the gas. (See illustration above)
Cautions :

Moving the gas can be painful, so be sure to massage slowly. This should help keep the food down, and with less discomfort. You can do this for a few minutes before each meal, and doing it before bed makes for a better night's sleep!