Its really worth investing in this entire set of Distilled Medicinal Essential Oil (7 pcs) . I have created 2 very own items : (1) Whitening Facial Mask and (2) Azema Cream. Tried and tested, VERY EFFECTIVE & PRICES ARE VERY REASONABLE !! Just imagine, you pay $200+ for a mask from S...K... something and this one (the jam jar on the left) only cost less than $3.00. It would last you at least 3 months.

My mum recently suffered from serious pain from the hip all the way to her ankle. I applied the "3" types essential oil (mix with moisturize cream) and massage on her . She feels very much better after the 1st application and is doing better now. Btw, she is already 73 years old but still briskwalk every morning at 5am.

Below extracted from Bryan's blog. You will find more beauty and DIY tips from his blog.

1 drop each; Lemongrass cocohin; lavendula vera , peppermint avenis on 20cent size moisturize cream, blend with index finger and massage at the ache or tense area.

The blend could be used in times of pain and tension at neck shoulder back or joints pain. The oil can penetrate to the blood cell and nerves to relax then and also warm the area. This improves blood flows. And certain oil has the properties of anti-inflammation and soothing. Target to remove the damp energy working long term in air con office.This is a traditional blend of warming essential oils specially formulated for active bodies.Office sickness like Neck , shoulder, Knee Cap etc pain.